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International Health Certificates 

USDA certified veterinarian on staff.

Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital has 3 veterinarians that are USDA accredited to perform International Health Certificate (IHC) exams and fill out the International Health Certificate. We have certification to export Class I and II animals (including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, etc). We have helped in the export of animals to many countries all over the world including all continents except Antarctica. This process can be very complicated and daunting depending on the destination. It is crucial that you contact us prior to purchasing travel tickets so we can ensure the timeline is appropriate. Only a USDA-accredited veterinarian can sign the international health certificates. Once completed, the certificate needs to be endorsed by USDA APHIS in Albany, NY. The completed certificate is then returned electronically or through postal service.

When you give us a call to schedule:

  1. We will need to know the answers to these questions:

    • What is the destination country? Any stops?
    • What species of animal will be traveling?
    • How many animals will be traveling?
    • When does the client plan to travel?
    • Is the pet(s) microchipped? Fully vaccinated?
    • Will a person ( responsible party ) be traveling with the animal(s)?
  2. After receiving medical records, a veterinarian will then call and talk with the client about the process take a brief history, and clarify the travel plans and specifics. The average cost for our time to research and come up with a plan is $50-$150.

  3. An exam is then set up to complete required vaccinations or deworming depending on the destination. There is an additional cost for these requirements that are mandated by the country you are traveling to and through. Average cost $60-$300 or more depending on the country’s requirements.

  4. Once all of the IHC medical requirements are met, the final IHC exam is set up. This MUST BE DONE in a specific timeline, usually within 10 days prior to arrival in the destination country. You will leave this appointment with your completed IHC. The cost of the completion of the health certificate itself is $300.

  5. The certificate is then emailed or shipped to the owner through the mail depending on the destination country’s requirements.

You can find the latest requirements for traveling with your pets to other countries on the APHIS Pet Travel website. The NIESC may also refer us to contact the consulate / embassy of the destination country (depending on the country).

Massachusetts – Veterinary Services Endorsement Office
USDA, APHIS, VS, Veterinary Export Trade Services
500 New Karner Road, 2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 218-7540

Call us at (413) 499-1580 or request an appointment online for your pet's health certificate.

USDA Certified Veterinarian

Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital